“Alexa, I’m not feeling too hot.” the lady complains, adjusting her walker in front of her faded olive green armchair. Two seconds later, a smooth, black cylinder lights the room up with a gradient of calming blues, and a smooth female voice responds:

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s alright. The perks of getting old. Everything aches.” the lady grumbles. She lowers herself carefully into the chair. Sitting in the chair, the cylinder sits at her eye-level, carefully positioned across the room on a drab table whose wood has partially peeled off. Next to it on the table are several…

Tom, 38

“I thought there’d be more of a campfire vibe going on, but the other night while the neighborhood was evacuating, I tried to get a chorus of ‘Ring of Fire’ going, and they booed me. Unbelievable!”

Zack, 26

“Trying to keep to a high protein, low-carb diet has been tough. Not impossible, but tough. The guy I’m traveling with keeps trying to get me to eat his potatoes, says it’s starvation that’s the reason my abs are popping. But it’s just jealousy. Surely after the nuclear winter comes the nuclear summer? …

“Open the door, Aaaaaroooon. I have some antibiotics to prescribe youuu.”

Bang, bang, bang.

The man ignored the deafening impacts against the front door behind his back as he stared blankly at the box of ammo on the floor, six bright-red shotgun shells staring back from within.

“Come back with me, Aaaroon. I’d like to keep you in my office overnight for observationnn.”

The first two shells easily slid into the loading flap, their distinct clicks barely audible amidst the screeching voices that came from outside the foyer and the buzzing of flies from within.

“You need to have your…

‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’: The whole world should be watching.

Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7” premiered on Netflix this weekend after weeks of anticipation and buzz and it did not disappoint. Less than a month away from Election Day, let alone the mountain of political and social unrest 2020 has brought, this film that centers around events that took place more than 50 years has the ability to rally even the most passive of conscientious objectors.

Now I could go on and on about how the film has “modern parallels to the 1960s ” and…

“Good morning everyone, welcome to today’s safari! I’ll be your guide this afternoon and we’ll be taking a short trip into the jungle today for a little joke-spotting! Finding jokes in this environment will be a little bit tricky because they always camouflage themselves, so make sure you’re alert!”

“So they’ll be hiding, then?”

“Yes! The first thing you should know is that they’re always hidden in plain sight. That’s why it takes a minute to get the joke sometimes — oh, about that! If you do spot a joke, please do not make too much noise! Many of them…

Lila was annoyed. Her mom wirelessly switched her virtual reality helmet into school mode.

“You can go back on leisure mode after your history homework is done.” her mom said.

Lila hated history. Who cares what happened 25 years ago when we could enjoy what was happening today. But to get her mother off her back, so she could get her helmet turned back on, she powered up her virtual teacher, Mr. Zoomie, and began her lesson.

Mr. Zoomie explained that back then people could really touch other people when greeting one another and some individuals were careless enough to…

Three years after its release, I finally decided to sit down and watch The Safdie Brothers’ film ‘Good Time’ (2017) and to be honest, I committed a cultural offense waiting this long. Now as a precursor, I am in no way a critic, in fact, I am known for liking astoundingly bad films such as Super Troopers (2002) and The Fourth Kind (2009). Am I easily entertained by these movies? Damn straight. Are they quality movies? Ask Rotten Tomatoes. That being said ‘Good Time’ definitely lived up to more than just its name.

Now, for those who haven’t seen the…

He was sitting down. This sounds unremarkable and relatively boring, but considering he was sitting down in a library this was out of the ordinary for him. You would normally find him standing in one of aisles with a book open in one hand, a book under his arm, and a stack of them at his feet. He liked how it kept him surrounded by endless knowledge in the search for the next book while still indulging in the ones he had gathered for his and…his research.

But today he sat. It felt odd but he didn’t feel the urge…

The phone sat in the middle of the room. Tim had it for as long as he could remember. It did not have a touch screen. It did not have a dial pad. It didn’t even ring. It was just a phone.

Tim picked it up.

“Today, you will feel happy.”

Tim sometimes listened for a bit longer in case there was more, but nothing more was ever said. He put the phone down. The voice had been stating a fact, so it must be so. Tim felt happy about this clear and sure thought. He started his day.


Alexus Carter

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